ATRA EA description & requirements

ATRA EA description & requirements

ATRA EA is based on our ATR Accelerator Indicator.

Strong Price Movements will be used as Trade entry.


ATRA EA gives you a really powerful framework to run your Trading-Strategies

  • Different Exit Strategies
    • Trailing Take Profit
    • Exit by MA Cut
    • Exit by Signal Change
  • Risk & Money management
    • Balance based dynamic Lot calculation
    • Define your own Risk percentage of minimum free equity
    • Track Long run Trades -> set new TP after a defined time
    • News Filter integrated, to prevent miss trades on high news events
  • Trade Options
    • Classic – signal based – with or without lot multiplier
    • Grid – with or without lot multiplier
    • Hedging Mode (Stoploss function will be disabled, be carefully, running only with virtual TP & SL)
    • Trade in both directions parallel


  1. It is recommended to use an ECN broker with a low spread and VPS.
  2. Use only five-digit accounts.
  3. Small spread significantly increases the EA’s efficiency.
  4. EA working internal with virtual TP & SL but set TP & SL on new Orders
  5. If run in Hedging Mode, your broker must allow hedging and Orders without TP & SL



it is recommended to use the VPS chosen based on the closest location to the broker to achieve the lowest possible ping, which provides better conditions for the robot to place orders. Take your time to figure out which Strategy is the right for you.
Predefined .SET Files can be downloaded on our website.

On Testing disable news Feature to improve testing performance, news can be tested only in current week, not in the past.



Money Management:

  • Signal Type – for future updates Signal type as Input, currently ATR Acceleration is the only option
  • Trading Lot
  • Take Profit points – used for running with trailing TP and in hedging mode
  • Exit Strategy – select further exit strategies (MA Cut or Signal Change)
  • Exit min. Takeprofit Points – is the minimum Take Profit for the Upper Exitstrategie
  • TP Exit Timeframe – used timeframe for Exit Strategie calculation
  • Exit MA fast – fast MA for Exit via MA Cut
  • Exit MA slow – slow MA for Exit via MA Cut
  • Stoplosspoints

Trailing TP:

  • Use Trailing TP – if set to true Trailing will be used with defined Trailing Step, if you set to false, the EA uses only defined Exit Strategy, on true both Exits are possible -> our most recommended setting
  • TP Trailing Step– one reached Take Profit, stoploss will be set to current TP – TP Trailing Step

Trade & Risk Management:

  • Order Lot Multiplier – gives you the option to run your strategy with lot multiplication
  • Trades – number of maximal additional Trades, if you set to 0 only one trade will be executed
  • TradeDistance for new trade – minimal distance in points for new trades, calculated on all open trades (to prevent trades on really close price to existing trades in same direction)
  • Trade only in one direction – trades are open only in one direction at same time, if set to false, the EA will trade in both directions at same time
  • Max Account Risk – percentage of free margin
  • Check for Longrun trades– if true, you have the option to define a new TP if the open trades has reached a defined time
  • Set Longrun TP after minutes – minutes after new TP will be set, if Longrun feature is set to true
  • Longrun TP – new TP

Dynamic Lot: 

  • Use dynamic Lot Feature– Lot will be calculated based on the following
  • Minimum Balance per smallest Lot unit


  • Run EA in Hedging Mode – EA run in Hedging Mode, Stoploss will be disabled, Trade only in one direction will be set to false, close all open trades on Friday will be set to false, Order will be executed only with virtual TP & SL
  • Hedging Multiplier – Multiplies the Lot Sum of all trades from other trade direction
  • Max Hedging Lot Factor based on OrderLot – limits the maximum used Lot for Hedging
  • Hedging Trade exit via MA – if set to true, trade Exit only via MA, otherwise general TP is used
  • Close other Tradedirection Trades in Profit – if set to true, all trades on other Tradedirection of current signal in Profit will be closed -> recommended

Grid Option:

  • Use Grid Option – if set to true, order grid will be executed on defined values
  • Grid Step in Points
  • Grid Lot Multiplier – gives you the option to run your strategy with lot multiplication
  • Grid Trades – max. numbers of Grid Trades

Signal Settings:

  • ATR Acceleration Period
  • ATR Acceleration Timeframe
  • ATR Acceleration Basevalue – minimum ATR value in Points
  • ATR Acceleration Percentage
  • ATR Acceleration min. Candle Movement – min candle size to detect trade direction
  • Trade only MovingAveragedirection –  if set to true, trade only in defined MA direction
  • MA
  • MA shift

General ATR & RSI Settings (used to exclude wrong movements – change only if you are sure about)

  • ATR Acceleration Period – by default 2
  • ATR Acceleration Timeframe – by default M1
  • ATR
  • ATR
  • Use RSI limitation– don’t extend trades over or under defined limits
  • RSI Timeframe– timeframe for RSI calculation
  • RSI highlimitfor BUY trades – don’t extend buy trades over defined limit
  • RSI lowlimitfor SELL trades – don’t extend sell trades under defined limit

General EA Settings: 

  • MagicNumber– unique Expert ID
  • Slippage– max. Slippage
  • Max Spread
  • Send Orders only with virtual TP & SL

Trading Times: 

  • Close all open Trades on Friday– if set to true, all trades will be closed on the following time, if set to false, trades will not be closed
  • Friday closing time– only relevant if closing feature set to true
  • Trading timeframecan be set for every day separately (from – till)

News Settings: 

  • Use News Filter– if set to true – no trades will be added in the specified restriction, you have to add news URL in Options/Experts/allow Webrequest from
  • Indent after news– minutes
  • Indent before news– minutes
  • Enable light news– if set to true – no signal during light news
  • Enable medium news– if set to true – no signal during medium news
  • Enable hard news– if set to true – no signal during hard news
  • Your Time Zone GMT– Server Time Zone GMT for news
  • Currency to display the news– fill up which pairs you consider for news (E. USD,EUR,GBP,CHF,CAD,AUD,NZD,JPY)



  • Use Newsfilter – add the following URL to “allow WebRequest from listed website URL” in Dialog “Tools/Options/Expert Advisor”,exc_importance&importance=1,2,3&calType=week&timeZone=15&lang=1
  • Hedging – by default the dynamic Lot Feature is enabled – for Hedging define bigger min. Balance per smallest Lot unit, to be able to procedure i.e. > 500
  • Testing – don’t use Newsfilter in Testing Mode, this will slow down the testing performance
  • How to Optimize – the most effect having the parameters in Signal Settings, depending on your strategy, pretested set files will be added to product site