NIGHTCRUSHER Signal Service – Description

NIGHTCRUSHER is focused on scalping at night

  • 100% full automated
  • high profitable
  • flexible – dynamic take profit extension
  • longrun tracking for take profit adjustment -> minimize risks

We don’t use dangerous martingale or grid strategies.

All account types will be monitored permanently and will be stopped during high news events or decisions to protect your money.

We offer different Signal Types with different Risk levels (take care of high profit=high risk):



  • expected profit 50-100% per month
  • high risk

NIGHTCRUSHER continuous (EURUSD Scalping)

  • expected profit 10-50% per month
  • low risk


  • expected profit 10-50% per month
  • low risk
  • NO costs for Signal Service or VPS


Minimum deposit Signal: 100 $
Minimum deposit PAMM: 50 $


Recommendation for Signal Service:


Money Management:

We recommend the following Strategies:

  • 50% Profit monthly Withdraw on high risk account
  • 50% Profit quarterly Withdraw on low risk account
  • On Bigger Accounts it’s up to you to make a weekly or daily Withdraw


 You can also download the Calculator Excel (NIGHTCRUSHER_MoneyCalculator) to recalculate with your Balance Values